There are many different types of documents, with varying degrees of complexity and ease of treatment. Whatever the purpose to which you need a translation service, I refuse to deliver anything but the exact meaning of your original document. This means that each document’s translation will require a different amount of time per word and will therefore imply a different rate.

To improve the consistency of my work throughout each project and to boost my productivity in order to meet every deadline I resort to CAT tools which require the original documents to be in an editable format.

In case you are not able to provide the source material in an editable format, and can only provide images or non-text PDF files, I am able to provide for the conversion of the documents. The rates for conversion would depend on the quality of the source material (is it handwritten? what is the readability like? does it require mapping images or tables into the translated document?).

I will be able to provide a quote after I’ve had access to all the source material. To ask for a quote, please contact me through the form available in the main page. I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.